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    The Glow Up

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    Going through a bad breakup can be one of the most painful and earth-shattering moments in anyone’s life. Between the changes to your normal schedule to having to learn how to do everything completely on your own again (even the simple stuff like eating alone) can feel like the most miserable pursuit on the face of the earth.

    Don’t despair!

    Better days are coming and this is a proven fact. The post-breakup glow-up has been known to completely change the way we view ourselves and the world around us. What’s more, is that this time in our lives is always a period of great positive changes. What might start off as a traumatic experience has the power to reveal a version of yourself that you’ve been looking for your entire life.

    In this guide, I’ll be walking you through:

    The science and psychology behind the post-breakup glow-up;

    What you should and shouldn’t do after your breakup;

    How to remain conscious of your daily routine so that your life isn’t thrown for a loop;

    And much more!

    If you’re ready to turn heads and love the new skin that you’re in, dive on in!

    The Glow Up

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